Hello from Manhattan, media capital of the world!

Very happy to call Gotham City home, though once upon a time I was a Southern California girl (and UCLA grad) who grew up to rock a very glamorous life in the LA entertainment industry as Director of Feature Development at MGM and then TriStar Films.

… a surprise move to Boston saw me teaching screenwriting classes, and writing two books on the subject (Script Magic & Creating Characters, both published by Michael Wiese Productions.)


Interaction with the increasingly energetic restaurant culture launched both my television talk show, A Taste of Luxury, and my boutique PR firm, DEG.Com Communications. Shortly after Career Press published my book Building Buzz: How to Reach and Impress Your Target Audience, I moved to Manhattan and became Managing Director, Corporate Communications at NewOak.

Today my focus is on helping people tap into the power of social media to build buzz for their business, and on this site you will find tips, tools, and techniques – along with case studies – you can put to use within minutes to build buzz for your brand or business.